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Welcome to the HIE/RHIO Workgroup Page

Government Accountability Office Reports:

Pursuant to a requirement in the HITECH Act, GAO conducted a study of practices implemented by health information exchange (HIE) organizations, providers, and other health care entities that disclose electronic personal health information. The report, which was published on February 17, 2010, provides examples of disclosure practices intended to safeguard personal health information and effects of electronic sharing of health information on the quality of care. This report reflects experiences of operational HIEs and providers that are actively exchanging information, and may be of interest to HIEs and providers who are sharing or planning to share patients' electronic personal health information.

Electronic Personal Health Information Exchange: Health Care Entities' Reported Disclosure Practices and Effects on Quality of Care (2010).


Change and transformation – the watchwords of the new administration have resulted in a legislative and funding spotlight on the change and transformation that result from Health IT integration and exchange. Fully realizing Economic Stimulus Package incentives will require the meaningful use and exchange of health information among healthcare stakeholders. As a result, HIEs are transforming to a variety of approaches and business models to become strategic initiatives that can succeed.

The primary mission of the GA HIMSS HIE/RHIO Workgroup is to provide relevant networking and educational opportunities that enhance the success of electronic health information exchange on a local, state and national level.

  • Provide an opportunity for sharing information, view points and experiences;
  • Identify areas of special interest and facilitate the emergence of these topics within the health information exchange arena;
  • Communicate with and support the initiatives and efforts of HIEs and RHIOS locally and nationally;
  • Provide structured educational opportunities of interest;
  • Provide opportunities to actively participate in HIMSS Society activities and collaborate with other HIT professionals.
The HIE/RHIO Workgroup’s goal is to aggregate and direct our members to HIE-related information relevant to our Georgia members. We welcome your involvement and contributions to this site – if you would like to recommend a linked resource or if you have any suggestions or questions, please contact the HIE/RHIO Workgroup chairs: Janis Leonard (janisleonard@comcast.net) or Cynthia Windsor (cinwind@bellsouth.net)


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